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Start trading with “24Option” and stop worrying about safety of your investments

Posted by on Nov 8, 2015

            When it comes to their hard-earned money and carefully planned investments, people are usually very protective and therefore hesitant to place the funds in the hands of strangers. This is especially the case when trading over the internet is in question, since all of us have more faith and trust in the people who we can see and talk to in person, than to some invisible company from who knows where. This is all pretty reasonable, and one can never be too careful when participating in online trading and money transactions, but certain websites and companies involved in such activities are honorable, safe and have been tried and tested by a large number of satisfied customers.

           chasing-money One of those companies is a broker house with a very well known name – “24Option”, and probably you never heard of a “24Option” scam. This is because broker houses of their reputation and respect care deeply about security and safety, and they try as much as they can to provide their customers with a protected and pleasant trading environment. Trading with binary options is a risky activity in its own nature, and people certainly do not need additional worries and things to occupy their minds, and trading with this broker company enables exactly that – to be free of concerns and fears, knowing that no “24Option” scam is going to happen and steal all of your money.

            39f8fb1Arguments for such claims come from the fact that this enterprise has all of the necessary licenses and regulations, and has several software features involved in the interface and performances of their website. When it comes to licenses, “24Option” has its headquarters located in Cyprus, which means that it falls under the authority of a very well-known regulatory body called CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission), and this is as strong guarantee as any. CySEC licenses are in compliance with European legislation, more precisely with MiFID, and therefore have very high and demanding standards. Having such a license issued means that your company is fully legitimate, no malicious intent is present and strict security and safety protocols are being followed in every-day operations of the broker house.

           networking1-1024x683 Additionally, “24Option” runs on a very modern TechFinancials platform with SSL encryption incorporated in constant protection of data and personal information, so clients have absolutely no reason to be concerned about the safekeeping of their valuables. Like in a top security safe, everything is sealed tightly, and there is almost no room for worries. Of course, neverending battle between good and evil is everywhere around us, and hackers and viruses and constantly developing and upgrading their side as well, so banks and broker houses like this one always have to be on their toes. Luckily for customers, “24Option” has teams that are monitoring the servers and in case of any problem, information and investments will be transferred to safe locations.

            Trading with this broker house is a very pleasant activity, and clients who still doubt the integrity of this company should just check the experiences of all of those satisfied customers and then they can personally see that “24Option” is definitely not a scam.

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How to use binary robot with Porter Finance

Posted by on Nov 8, 2015

Trading binary options, even though it is basically simple, still requires some time for familiarizing yourself with the concept, the strategies and exploring the market. If you want to trade binary options without having to spend too much time in front of the computer and monitor every movement of the assets on the market, many facilitating programs have been developed in order to enable this.Assessing-Range-Trading-Binary-Options-Risks You can choose to use binary signals, which are the suggestions based on the analysis of the market, performed either by software or human expert. Using these signals, you do not have to monitor and analyze the market yourself, but you can choose to follow the advice given by the signals. What is even more advanced is automatic trading, performed by binary robot on behalf of the trader. This way the trader does not even have to be present at the time of trading.

One of the most popular binary options robots can be found on They provide binary options which can be connected to the account created with many different brokers. Porter Finance is one of the most reliable broker companies, with high payouts and many favorable conditions, bonuses and high payout rates.

porter_airlines1In order to be able to use a bot from Binary Option Robot, you will need to open an account with the broker through the bot’s website, because it is the only way for the bot to track your registration and deposits you place. This means that, if you already have an account with a binary broker, you will not be able to use it for registering with Binary Option Robot, but you will have to create a new one. It is possible to have accounts with different brokers and connect them all to the robot, but you will have to create each of them through Binary Option Robot’s website.

best-binary-options-trading-platformCreating an account with Binary Option Robot is easy and free. First, you need to provide the details such as your name, e-mail address, country and phone number, as well as the preferred currency. Create a password as well, and after filling in all the required fields, you will get a username and password needed for logging in with a broker you choose. The next step is to go to the broker’s website, in this case Porter Finance, and log in with the username and password you were previously given. Choose the deposit amount and method, and click “Deposit”. After this, your broker balance will be connected to the robot, and you will be able to open an account with some of the other brokers on the list as well. When you switch on “Active Trading”, it means that you want to activate the binary robot. Click the “Deposit” button next to your account with the broker, and you are ready to trade. You will be able to choose the parameters of the bot, such as trade amount, maximum daily trades, daily stop loss etc, which gives you a wide variety of possibilities and a freedom to create a trade based on your preferences.

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History of binary options

Posted by on Nov 8, 2015

Even though binary options have officially existed for less than e decade, the truth is that they have actually been present for over 30 years. At first, binary options represented only a small part of trading platforms, available only in closed markets. Today, this is an acknowledged method of trade, available online, with trading platforms provided by hundreds of brokers, such as Banc de Binary, 24Option, Porter Finance, Cherry Trade, to name a few.

3 1Chicago Board of Options Exchange is a key figure in the development of binary options trading. Board of Trade created this exchange, which made binary options over-the-counter (OTC transaction). However, this method of trading was not standardized for a long time. Some regulations were being created over the years to enable standardization, but Options Clearing Corporation allowed trading binary options in order to beat all the challenges this method of trade was encountering over the years.

                Despite being more developed and standardized over the years, they still took only a small part of all trades. However, Options Clearing Corporation created the proposals about binary options and filed them with SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), and they were accepted in 2008, when everything changed for binary options, since they were allowed to enter the major markets from that point. The American Stock Exchange was the first entity that provided binary options, and Chicago Board of Options Exchange did so shortly after. During these seven years of their official acknowledgment, binary options have been traded all over the world, by millions of more and less experienced traders.

               3 2 The concept of trading binary options has not changed much ever since they were first created. There have always been two alternatives to choose from. However, some changes of regulation have occurred, as well as availability of binary options for online trading, which led to the increasing popularity of this trading method. Also, some new types of options have appeared and they are raising in popularity, such as 60 second options. The technology has advanced as well, therefore we now have mobile trading platforms together with the ones available on PCs, and there are binary options robots that perform automatized trading on the trader’s behalf. All of these factors influence the rise in popularity of binary options.

Many online blogs, websites, YouTube videos and reviews have been created in order to explain the methods trading and help the potential traders manage in the world of binary options. To put it briefly – ever since this method of trading was acknowledged, there has been an enormous rise in those who show interest in it. There are several regulatory bodies for binary options brokers, depending on the continent or country – CFTC for the USA, CySEC for Europe, FSA for UK, ASIC for Australia, DIFC for United Arab Emirates and FFMS for Russia.

                Binary options trading had its ups and downs through history, but the fact is that it has never been as popular as it is today. Considering the “boom” this type of trading has created in the past few years, it is certain that the future of binary options will be much richer than the past.

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All about forex exchange trading scheme

Posted by on Nov 7, 2015


    To understand the world of finance completely you have to understand what are the dangers of this world. And there are many dangers, which can cost you a lot if you are unaware of them. Because of that, there are people like me who try to explain people like you how some of the scams are being done. By understanding how a scam works you will be able to recognize it and completely avoid risking your hard earned money. This time, I will write about forex exchange trading scheme.

    If you notice similarity between perpetrators behind this kind of scheme and some binary options scam brokers, then you have already taken few steps into securing your money with, which is commendable.

   2 1There are few general steps this scam goes through, I may skip few of those steps that are not as important as some others.

   Perpetrators of this scheme work on small scale, and first alarm you should look for is the lack of documents they require and provide in their transactions. The lack of information as well as documents are things that should warn you about legitimacy behind brokers. Real transactions must be followed by documents which serve as legal foundation of those transactions, and the lack of them may lead to loss of your money, where you have no valid cause to report perpetrators, like in previous cases with TropicalTrade, because there are no documents that can prove the exchange of money between you and scammers.

 windows_vista_green_yellow_matrix_numbers_26471_3840x1200  These people will in most cases target people who look for jobs, because they can be easily cheated with promises of easy money.

   Perpetrators will create image of serious company which is used to convince you of their good intentions and reputation.

    They will offer you an option to use internet as trading intermediate, or they will assign a broker that will lead you through trading.

  Victims will be given legitimate contracts to sign, and those contracts will be taken by perpetrators who will tell a victim that their superior will have to review and sign that document. Then that contract is lost, because no one is there to sign it, but victims believe contract is effective and they relax.

   If a victim is unhappy with perpetrators, they have no legal ground against them, due to lack of any contract.

   shutterstock_63779512The business is concluded after short scheme (most of them are have short execution time at the end). Before it happens victim will earn a bit of money through trading, after which the loss will happen. Then they jump in with proposal, easy way or two to get out of the loss. Victim can either pay the margin of the loss to get out of it, or they can invest a larger amount of money, because they can earn with one really juicy trade in near future.

   In bother of these ways perpetrators will take that money to themselves, and they will cut all contact will the victim, and look for another poor soul to take advantage of. Those two things they would ask of should trigger big alarm bells and warn you of the impending scam.

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24Option – one of the leaders in the market

Posted by on Nov 7, 2015

            Thousands and thousands of people participate daily in the exciting battle for good opportunities and large profits which trading in binary options promises for brokers who decide to invest in this way. Binary options trading is one of the fastest growing markets and new traders are coming in every day, and this means that more and more broker houses are being created as well. Broker houses enable the trading process, and serve as a catalyst or a form of a middle man, since all transactions are performed directly through their websites, mobile apps and platforms. They provide brokers with assets which can be traded and also provide trading signals for those brokers who are not sure when and where should they invest the funds.

            1 1As I said, there are a lot of broker houses which offer trading with binary options, and a lot has been written about them. However, there are some companies out there that have earned the respect and which are considered as leaders in the market. One of those companies is certainly “24Option” and this “24Option” review is another example of how much can be said or written about something that deserves the attention. This enterprise definitely deserves it.

           1 2 Started in 2010, this Cyprus-based company provides services in trading with binary options to thousands of customers all over the world, and they do it in high levels of quality and care for customers. They offer top notch performances, superior interface of the program, and ultimate safety and protection of personal information and investments, which makes it an ideal broker house. Everyone in this company are dedicated to making the best possible results, and clients can sense this in their everyday interaction with the website, and especially in case they have some questions or problems with finding their way around, because customer support and teams that operate in this department are super-friendly but also super-efficient and they will give answers in the shortest possible amount of time.

            1 3Being regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission) and in compliance with MiFID, “24 Option” offers its services to clients from European Union, but this also means that company is very safe and has all the necessary attributes to make it a highly secure environment for trading and making money transactions. License from CySEC has even became notorious for its strict and demanding standards, and any company that can fulfill their requirements is considered to be totally legitimate and with no potential for scam of any kind.

            Users who have used this website and have some experience with it, have only the highest marks for its performances, great range of assets on offer, easy to use interface, customizable features and services, great educational center for new and inexperienced customers, and so on. Almost all of 24Option” review will be similar to this one, since it is hard to find any minuses to this broker house, without being intentionally malicious. They offer great trading experience and there is no question why they are the leaders in the market.

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